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Cole's Dog Training/Pet Sitting Services offers in house private lessons for obedience training (puppies or dogs), fundamentals for establishing a balanced relationship with your dog (s), problem solving with unwanted behaviors.

We also provide private lessons for shelter/rescue adoption awareness and beginnings, pet walking and pet sitting services, therapy dog services for elderly in home or retirement settings or children in home settings.


  • Basic Obedience: release, focus, sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, recall, loose leash walking, heel, leave it, fetch, leash handling...the entirety of these skills typically takes six, one hour sessions. Your needs may not include all skills. Individualized skill plans are always an option.

  • Training: relationship/leadership skills for you and your new one, house training guidelines, safe environment tips, know developmental stages and your dog's needs, introduction to obedience training, teaching for a balanced, healthy dog.

  • Problem Solving: jumping, barking, puppy nipping, begging, counter surfing, chewing, bolting, digging...whatever else may be considered unruly behavior.

    Shelter/Rescue Dog Awareness: Skills to set your "new" dog up for success. Focus on body postures/language your dog is communicating, environment tips, socializing tips, understanding limitations (if any), introduction to your other dogs, what to expect and how to handle it (relationship/leadership skills).

Individual Obedience Classes:

$75.00 private sessions in your home.

Veterinary Home Services:

Veterinary services offered in the comfort of your home.

"Linda Bowers created this easy to understand manual based on her vast experience training dogs. I've learned to "listen" to my Lab and it has made a great difference. Our relationship is the best it's ever been."

- Lisa W.

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