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Linda Bowers is a graduate of Animal Behavior College, earning her certification as a dog trainer specializing in obedience training, problem solving and teaching fundamentals to living with dogs.

She is a resident of Exeter, RI and has been working with her own dogs for 28 years. Cole, her 4 year old Boxer, was inspirational to creating a profession in the field of dog training due to his ease in learning and amazing desire to please. She thought, "I have to share this and help other dog owners so they too can have the tremendous relationship they have always wanted with their dog." (Relationship Basics and Obedience Training).

Linda also has a rescue, female puppy mill dog from the Midwest. She knows first-hand how different adopting a rescue is versus raising a pup. (Rescue fundamentals within the home). She also works with dogs on obedience to make them more desirable in the adoption process at the Exeter Animal Shelter. (Shelter dog awareness).

Cole is certified through AKC (American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship certified) as a therapy dog for the elderly or children in local retirement homes or private homes. Dog walking and pet sitting services are always available.

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer

"Outstanding Job! I saw a difference in my dog's behavior after only one visit!"

- Jennifer B.

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